Friday, June 28, 2013

Earn Money without clicking ads, Earn Money When you are online.

Hi all,
after long time i have found cool way to earn money without clicking ads,
I have already earn $6 in a 6 day, You can easily earn $1 per day. If you like to earn this go and register from the following link.

Earn Money

Steps you have to follow is,

Read the instructions they are Easy:

1) Signup and give me your username,email Id and referral link.

2) Go to Personal >> Profile enter your working cell no.They send you verification code than you reply them with the same code they send you, account verified.(wait for few minutes)

3)Start a new ticket to the "Department Trial" and request them to "activate my Trial thread as my phone verified".(They activate your trial thread in 2-3 hours so keep checking)

4)Download the software from the site and install and run it.You receive 1$ per day for each thread.( very soft software, does not harm your PC,scan it for proof)

5) Run the software with internet on so that it earn you 1$( it only take 1 day and earnings are updated at 00:00 server time each day)

Note must read their facts and help pages:
you can withdraw when it is 1$ or more.i got $1.8 my first payment and there is nothing to lose.

If you need more  help ask from me.

If you like to earn money by clicking ads then i will post another post the coolest sites for that.

Hope you will enjoy it.
Remember if you are not shutdown your machine then you will earn money without doing nothing 

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